New Spondon Small Bus Service launches

A new trial bus service for Spondon launches on Monday 27th March with the aim of reconnecting local residents to the businesses and amenities in Spondon village centre.

The new Spondon Small Bus Service will have two routes called SP1 & SP2 which will serve both the top end of Spondon and the bottom end of Spondon. Each service will run Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

See below for route maps and timetables.

The service will initially be for a 3-month trial period and will initially be a free service, although a fare may be introduced at a later stage.

The services will stop at existing bus stops along the designated routes, as well as operating a hail and ride service in parts of the route where there are no existing bus stops.

Details of the new service were announced last week by Spondon Councillors on their Facebook page.

Funding for the service is being provided specifically to provide residents who rely on public transport with a way of accessing amenities within their local communities. As a result, it is hoped that the service will bring more local residents back into Spondon village centre to support the local businesses and other amenities available locally.

The new services will therefore not go directly to Derby city centre, although will drop passengers off at bus stops served by the Ilkeston Flyer service, so enabling easy transfer to that service if required.

(Photo credit: Spondon Councillors)

Timetables and Routes

SP1 (North Spondon)

SP1 bus timetable


SP1 bus route map

SP2 (South Spondon)

SP2 bus timetable


SP2 bus route map